Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Disney's Very Merry Christmas Party

I may be 22, but I still believe that Disney World is the most magical place on earth!  There's just something about the millions of Mickey Mouse heads and the fact that they can make it snow on Main Street when it's 85° that appeals to me.  So, when my grandmother, Ma, asked if I'd like to join her and Becky on the annual "Very Merry Christmas Party" visit, how could I say no?

Before we even hit the park, each of us had our
"Must Do" activities of the day: 
1) Momma-see the Christmas Parade
2) Ma-ride Peter Pan
3) Becky-ride It's A Small  World
4) Me-ride Haunted Mansion
And, I'm very excited to say each was accomplished in addition to much, much more. 

For me especially, the real "oh my gosh, this is amazing moment" occurred when the other three ladies agreed to forego our reservations at the Liberty Tree Tavern.  Instead, we waited in line and got to eat at Beast's Castle!  With her love of reading, of course the Francophile Princess, Belle, would be my favorite Disney princess.  So, the fact that I got to eat in the restaurant dedicated to her, well you'd think I was a five year old.  Plus, it was decorated in the cutest Christmas decoration.  I especially loved the tree in Beast's "Be Our Guest" Ballroom.  It was covered with stained glass Mrs. Potts, Lumieres, and Cogsworths, and the topper was Angelique from Beauty and the Beast:  The Enchanted Christmas

How cute is my baby sister?  She posed alongside the gargoyles as we waited for our table.
If you eat nothing else all day, be sure to snag a dessert from Beast's Castle!  They're so scrumptious! 

Talk about your ferocious faces! 
Never known to be a disappoint, the Christmas Parade was the cutest thing.  In addition to your typical favorites on floats, the fact that each new sequence smelled like the Holidays really set it apart from your average amusement park parade.  And, anything that includes Santa is always a win in my book.  

My mom's obsessed with the wooden soldiers, especially the one keeping the beat on the snare drum.
And, to prove that it really was snowing on Main Street, here's one more picture I snapped from our Disney Day!  Seriously, if you have kiddos (or your just a kid at heart,) I'd suggest a trip to Disney during the Holiday Season! 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

All Hallow's Read

If that isn't a picture perfect moment!

I know I'm about a week behind, but better late than never...

Halloween's for more than just Trick or Treating!  It's also the perfect opportunity for Varsity Football Players and Cheerleaders to visit elementary schools.  As DCS's very own All Hallow's Read kicked off, the sideline celebrities read spooky stories and told students why they think books are cool!