Monday, January 28, 2013

Feeling Like a Real Reporter

Seeing as how it's my last first day of school, I find it quite fitting that my professional journalism headshots are in.  Macon's own Johnny Mullis of JOM III Gallery is the wonderful photographer behind the pictures.  He took so many; it was literally the hardest decision of my life choosing the top 3.

Let's just hope someone in the sports world will like them and offer me a job!

Obviously, this is my super closeup picture.
And this is my "look at me I'm a professional in a cute blazer" look
While this one says "I love my curly hair, and you should too!" 
Thoughts anyone?
It's only a few more months until I start applying for actual positions with these positions, so any insight would certainly be useful!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

NYU's 14th Study Abroad Site

It's the day before my last first day of school ever.  So, how will I be spending my final few hours of freedom? RA Winter Training.  Cue an afternoon of repetitive policy reviews, bulletin board brainstormings, and endless eye rolls.  Really, the only redemption for the senseless sessions is spending time with my Laf family.  32 strong, they're some of the most wonderful people I've ever met!

Claire, Cody, and Ryan are our creative types.  And while every hall may pokes run at how far our location is from campus, at just a moments notice the three of them turned the running joke into the most epic video roll call imaginable!  Enjoy!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Trip to the MoMA

With my last few days before the start of my final college semester, I've been to both the Met and the MoMA.  So, I guess you can say it's been a week filled with priceless pieces.  Although I'd walked through the Met's antique rooms gallery more times than I can count, before yesterday, I'd never seen contemporary works like Edward Munch's "The Scream" or Andy Warhol's "Campbell's Soup Cans" in person.  Obviously, there's quite a few pieces there that I just don't understand.  Despite the  fancy frames, I'm not sure a white canvas with pencil scribbles deserves all the hype.  But, after just one trip to the MoMa, I think it's become a new favorite. 
Andy Warhol's Campbell's Soup Cans: Personally, I'm a tomato soup kind of gal.
The 32 cans were right in front of the museum's cafe; rather fitting I'd say. 
Sigmar Polke's Spiderman:  Basically, I loved this picture just because it reminded me of my little brother.  
Jackson Pollock's Number 1A, 1948:  Anytime you can see a Jackson Pollock painting it's a good day.  The quintessential abstract artist, his works may not be appreciated by my parents, but by far they're my favorites.  Plus, have you ever tried to make your own splatter painting?
 It's the most fun you'll have creating art! 
Edward Munch's The Scream:  I'm proud to say I resisted the urge to stand in front of the paining and make a similar face.  It was tempting though.  
Vincent van Gogh's The Starry Night:  For years, a print of this painting hung in my high school art room.
So, it was certainly surreal seeing it in person. 
Siemens & Halske AG's Telephone:  A rotary telephone may not seem like it deserves a place it an art museum, but I was certainly glad to see it.  

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Whistle Stop Cafe

The sign literally says it all!  
After my month long hiatus from New York eating, I've come to a very important conclusion:  in the South, if you don't know how to cook something just fry it.

With less than 24-hours remaining until I'm airport bound, my mom and I decided the best place to eat today's lunch was at the most Southern place around...Juliette's own Whistle Stop Cafe!  We've driven by the tiny city more times than I can count, but never before had we made the trip to the cafe across from the railroad tracks.  The original movie setting for Fried Green Tomatoes, the restaurant's known for its famous appetizer of what else, fried green tomatoes and special radish sauce.  Paired alongside sweet tea served in mason jars, they were obviously a must.
All the hype is definitely true!  I'm a fried green tomato connoisseur, and those are some of the best yet.  
It looks so old timey, but the actual cafe wasn't made until 1991.  

As for our actual lunch, we both had Powermans cheeseburgers and delicious french fries with homemade barbecue sauce.  Talk about a filling meal!

Now, the cafe's interior isn't super fancy--just your typical Georgia joint decorated with old state license plates, animal heads, and hand painted signs.  But, it's quite quaint and country cozy.  And, the little town surrounding The Whistle Stop is home to many antique stores, a honey shop, and a small town opry stage.

So, the next time you Maconites find yourself with a free afternoon, make the trek to Juliette!  But, be prepared the cafe's only open from 11am-4pm.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Super Simple Cream Cheese Danish

For the past week, my family's been back at school and work.  So, I've been spending my days catching up on sleep, watching the newest Netflix additions, and experimenting in the kitchen.  My latest concoction comes from a lady at my mom's office.  Yesterday, she tried this cream cheese danish at church.  And, first thing this morning she sent the recipe my way.  The dish takes just a few minutes to prepare, and the ingredients are common enough to possibly already be in your kitchen.  

What You'll Need:
No crazy, hard-to-find ingredients here. 
-1 large egg, separated
-16 oz. whipped cream cheese
-1 cup sugar
-1 tsp. vanilla
-2 cans Pillsbury crescent rolls 

Directions:  As with all kitchen cooking, the first thing you should do is wash your hands.  Afterwards, pull out an 11x13 pan and spray with Pam.  Next, pop one of the crescent roll cans, spreading smoothly into the pan.  Be sure to pinch together your seams, as it will serve as the base of your danish.  Then, mix together the cream cheese, sugar, egg yolk, and vanilla until smooth.  When it's ready, it should be thick and the color of fresh vanilla ice cream.  
Almost ready to be popped in the oven. 
You'll then spread the cream cheese filling on top of your crescent roll bottom.  Afterwards, spread the second crescent roll on top, again pinching together the seams to prevent separation.  Lastly, beat your remaining egg white with a fork, and brush it on top of your dessert.  

Bake at 350ยบ for thirty minutes.  When you pull it out of the oven it should be medium brown.  Let it cool 15 to 20 minutes before serving. 
Not to shabby for my first time trying the recipe I'd say. 
And there you have it, a super simple danish dessert that's tasty and wont put a strain on your budget.  Enjoy! 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

BCS National Championship Wrap Up

The Birmingham News headline says it all-Roll Tide Repeat!  
And that makes 15!

Tonight, a single football game captured the attention of sports fans everywhere.  Two of the most renowned schools battled for the 2012 title; together, they held 17 national titles.  But tonight, only won could secure the W.  If Notre Dame were to take it, it'd be their chance to reclaim their place as a top-ranking team.  For Alabama, it'd simply put a period on their legendary football dynasty.

For the third time in four years, Nick Saban and the Alabama Crimson Tide were making their BCS appearance.  According to pre-game talk, all bets were for Bama, but what really mattered was the Tide's gametime performance.

The Tide were the first to roll out of the stadium, with the Fighting Irish watching as they filed by.

After winning the coin toss, Notre Dame elected to defer.  So, Alabama was the first to handle the ball at Sun Life Stadium.

On the game's opening drive, the Tide rolled for an impressive 82 yards.  Bama became the first on the board, up 7-0 following the PAT.

Still in the first, deep in Notre Dame territory, Bama's QB AJ McCarron passed to Michael Williams for a 3 yard touchdown.  Jeremy Shelley slid through with the extra point.

With less than a minute left in the quarter, WR Amari Cooper was the one to take it deep.  After McCarron fired the ball, the freshman impact player brought the Tide 27 yards closer to the goal line.  T.J. Yeldon would rush for an additional 5 yards as the first quarter came to an end.
Here, Yeldon dives into the end zone for an Alabama TD. 

The Tide would start the second one yard from the goal line.  And in the quarters opening play, Yeldon took it across, increasing Bama's lead 21-0.

With 39 seconds left in the quarter, Christian Jones would put the Tide deep in Notre Dame territory. With the next play, McCarron would celebrate his second TD pass of the night.  It looks like Johnny Football may have some competition for the Heisman Trophy next year.

At the half, the Crimson Tide led 28-0.

Midway through the third, McCarron was able to add an additional touchdown to his national championship resume. Really, there wasn't a throw tonight he couldn't make.  He fired to Amari Cooper for 34 yards. And, Bama's now up 35-0.

Alabama's defense went more than 6 BCS quarters without giving up a point, but in tonight's third Notre Dame secured a touch down. Fighting Irish QB Everett Golson ran for 3 yards.  After a successful field goal, the score was 35-7.

The score would stand 35-7 as the fans yelled "four" to signal the game's last period.  But, it wouldn't last for long. Early in the fourth at the Notre Dame 19, McCarron fired to Amari Cooper.  The WR would run for another Bama touchdown, rolling over the Fighting Irish 42-7.  The TD also meant Cooper would become the first Alabama player to get 1000 receiving yards in a single season since Julio Jones, the Atlanta Falcon's first round draft pick in 2011. 

With less than eight minutes left in the game, Notre Dame proved they hadn't given up quite yet. Golson made his first touch down pass of the night, firing to Theo Riddick for 6 yards.  Following the field goal, the score board read 42-14. 

But ultimately, Nick Saban would receive his back-to-back Gatorade bath.  Now, it's safe to say you can start mentioning Bear Bryant and Nick Saban in the same sentence.  Alabama would take their third national championship in four years, winning the game 42-14.  That means for the seventh consecutive year, an SEC team takes home the crystal ball.  And, of course "Sweet Home Alabama" belted in the background.  Talk about your Southern Pride!

As for the individual awards, Eddie Lacy was named Offensive MVP while CJ Mosley took the  Defensive Award.
It looks like my little brother's hat is out of date.  Thank goodness! 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Mountain Life

Happy 2013!  I'm back to the land of electricity, so I figured a new blog post was necessary.  I rang in the New Year in Chatsworth, Georgia.  Think four days of fresh air, endless hours hiking, and constant s'mores eating.  Our family of four made the trip with our usual travel companions, the Tribbles.

Here's a few of our best mountain memories, and get excited because the lumberjack jackets have made a comeback!
On our last full day in Chatsworth, I went on a hike to the mountain's overlook  point.  Unfortunately, it was too foggy for good pictures. 
Look, I found a waterfall.
Even the leaves were iced over. 
With eight people to feed, it's no surprise meals were a major priority.
While we watched the New Years Football games, we munched on football-themed potato skin boats. 
And, I made lots of pancakes with my new pan.  
And used my new mason jar cub during all my meals.