Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Whistle Stop Cafe

The sign literally says it all!  
After my month long hiatus from New York eating, I've come to a very important conclusion:  in the South, if you don't know how to cook something just fry it.

With less than 24-hours remaining until I'm airport bound, my mom and I decided the best place to eat today's lunch was at the most Southern place around...Juliette's own Whistle Stop Cafe!  We've driven by the tiny city more times than I can count, but never before had we made the trip to the cafe across from the railroad tracks.  The original movie setting for Fried Green Tomatoes, the restaurant's known for its famous appetizer of what else, fried green tomatoes and special radish sauce.  Paired alongside sweet tea served in mason jars, they were obviously a must.
All the hype is definitely true!  I'm a fried green tomato connoisseur, and those are some of the best yet.  
It looks so old timey, but the actual cafe wasn't made until 1991.  

As for our actual lunch, we both had Powermans cheeseburgers and delicious french fries with homemade barbecue sauce.  Talk about a filling meal!

Now, the cafe's interior isn't super fancy--just your typical Georgia joint decorated with old state license plates, animal heads, and hand painted signs.  But, it's quite quaint and country cozy.  And, the little town surrounding The Whistle Stop is home to many antique stores, a honey shop, and a small town opry stage.

So, the next time you Maconites find yourself with a free afternoon, make the trek to Juliette!  But, be prepared the cafe's only open from 11am-4pm.

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