Sunday, October 27, 2013

Kids Triathlon

One of the best parts of working for the school system is my ability to meet so many awesome kiddos and teachers.  Constantly, I'm amazed by how many activities they're up to outside of the classroom.  So, when someone asked if I'd take action shots of my tiny tots competing in this past weekend's Kids Triathlon how could I say no?  

I was there for only three hours, but I somehow managed to take close to 2,000 photos.  
Here's a few of  my favorites though.  Hopefully, you enjoy! 
The transition spot was the first stop for all 65 competitors.
Each needed to rack their bikes, while parents laid out towels and warm clothes. 
Then, it was time to get numbered.  
And, sometimes dads were needed to help out with last minute goggle placement. 
Who says it's all about the competition?  The day wouldn't be fun without a few laughs along the way! 
And, they're off. 

Those legs were just a kicking as the swimming finish line was in site.  

A quick transition was needed as kiddos left their wet towels behind and tore off for a 6 mile bike ride. 

Following the final push-through, it was all smiles as a special medal presentation greeted every racer.  

And, of course there were sweet moments like this, as parents rejoiced with their children on a job well done! 

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