Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dublin's Christmas Parade

Complete with more than 45 floats and hundreds of performers, there's no telling the people of Dublin, GA their Christmas Parade can't compete with Macy's Thanksgiving number.  I recently attended the local holiday favorite to snag some pictures for work, and let's just say we've got some very cute kiddos!  
A cutie from one of our elementary floats, she was taking her job of waving to the crowd very seriously!  
I'll have a blue Christmas stuck in my igloo... 
I bet your Christmas Parade doesn't have giant paper mache cattle trotting down Main Street. 

I would have a heard time just walking in front of my entire town, let alone jump roping the route. 
It wouldn't be a parade with the Big Man himself. 
It's little girls like her that make my job worth it!  Not only is she always dressed to the nines, complete with matching bows, jewelry, and color-coordinated shoes but also one of the sweetest kiddos you'll ever meet.  Every time she sees me, I'm practically guaranteed of getting a hug.  

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