Sunday, February 8, 2015

I'm NOT a fan of transitions!

Call me crazy, but I'm really not too great when it comes to change.  Blame it on the fact that I lived in the same house for most of my life, or maybe it has something to do with the whole not knowing anyone thing?  But, this first week at the new job's been a bit tough.  

I can't tell you how many times Jeremiah 29:11 has run through my brain.  Don't get me wrong; I really do believe this is exactly where He wants me to be.  The school district's great, and all the people that I have met are amazing.  But, I'm seriously NOT a fan of transitioning!  

I know; like with any new job, there's going to be a few weeks where everything's new.  I can't beat myself up about being an hour late for a meeting I didn't know about.  And really, who's to say purple pants aren't appropriate for board meetings?  But, more than that, I'm just so ready to know all my schools.  Plus, I really miss having my elementary kiddos give me hugs whenever they spot me in the grocery store. 

The good news is my first week is officially behind me!  I've experienced my first K-12 Principals Meeting, designed a new teacher recruitment banner, been hit with a  couple of basketballs and taken more than 2,000 pictures.  Add in a new Instagram and Twitter, and if that's not a warm welcome, what is?  Plus, it's like I said before; I love that Richmond County Schools' colors are green and gold.  It makes me feel like I've got a piece of Dublin, GA with me here in North Carolina.  

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