Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Perfect Photo Op Is an Understatement

Notice the Lights! 
I've been in a whirl of RA training for the last few days, learning new policies and coming up with bulletin board idea.  But in the midst of the endless powerpoint presentations, our leadership team suggested we substitute the typical takeout for a picnic dinner in a different borough.

That's right; our group of 40 invaded the grass of Brooklyn Bridge Park. With the City skyline as our backdrop, we sat on quilted blankets, munching on Grimaldi's pizza and ice cream.  We played get-to-know-you games and posed for pictures with our Co-RA.

Miss Claire Franjola
always seems to take
the best pictures of me! 
And after all the random fact learning, we walked over the famous bridge, back to Chinatown and 80 Lafayette. 

The saying's true...trees really do grow in Brooklyn. And, for all those people who refuse to leave Manhattan, just take the leap.  Pre-fall has the most perfect picnic weather. And if you're just not a cook, there's still no need to worry. The food near the park's delicious!  Plus, with the skyline as your background, I'm seeing a new facebook profile picture in your future! 

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