Friday, August 31, 2012

Sweet Treats from the South

With just a few days before my senior year at NYU, I decided to ditch the City for a quick trip to Middle Georgia.  I’ve been sleeping in late, spending time with my family, shopping at the local Goodwill and of course munching on sweet treats from the South. 
Macon’s absent of any true bakeries.  It’s sad to say, but our Publix serves the best iced cookies in town.  So when my mom suggested I spend my pre-football Friday down in Dublin, scouting out a local favorite became the goal.

Williamson's Bakery easily takes the cake as the cutest, home-town bakery around.  Just like Luke's diner in Gilmore Girls, cell phones are prohibted, unless of course you're taking pictures of their ample desserts.  As soon as you walk in the door, the smell of fresh desserts hits.  Whether you're in the mood for cookies, cake, or coffee, they're sure to have just the thing to ease your sweet tooth.  Petite petit fours and icing dipped cookies immediately grabbed my addition.  Along with a red velvet cookie pie and a boston creme doughnut, they all made their way in my take-out bag.  So far, I've had a bite of the doughnut and the petit four dipped in vanilla icing, and a description of "perfectly fresh" would be an understatment. 

My only qualms with Williamson's would be the fact that you have to spend $5 to use a credit card.  So, unless you bring cash, there's no way you're leaving without too many desserts. 
Eating good in the neighborhood...Williamson's Bakery serves delicious sweet treats!

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