Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Becky's Humble Abode

Being  the oldest of threes, I'm the one who usually experiences things first (like deciding it was time to stop watching Barney, graduating from kindergarden, and driving a car).  But, there's one thing my baby sister's got be beat on…moving into her first apartment.  A junior at University of Florida, she's now the proud payer of monthly rent.

So, this weekend we made the trek to Gainesville to help her and Kanga move in!

If there's one thing I realized it's that our parents raised high maintenance children.  In addition to packing two cars to the gills, Becky had a full storage unit.  Still, that's less than the moving van my dad rented to help me move.  So, I carted stuff up three flights of stairs while she and Momma went to the Scooter Store to pick up her aqua ride from its summer stockpile.

I havent' lived below the 11th floor for the past few years,
but at least NYU had elevators and giant moving carts.  
Fast forward five hours and the lot of us were sticky with sweat and rain water.  Nonetheless, I begged Becky to let me take a picture with her scooter, aptly named Nemo.  A metro card was the only thing close to being my college ride, so the fact that she has two sets of wheels makes me a bit jealous.
Forgive our sweaty selves; isn't that just the cutest scooter!
I just wonder how long it'll be before Becky gets Kanga a puppy helmet? 
With school starting tomorrow, by now all Bec's boxes are unpacked, and Kanga's made herself quite comfortable.

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