Saturday, August 10, 2013

With A Name Like Tumpie's

I'll be the first to admit it, I have a really bad habit of collecting t-shirts.  Give me a goofy named restaurant or a noteworthy logo, and I can't resist asking the waitress how I can acquire my own punning product.  Fast forward to today, and t-shirts literally take up half my dresser.

I'm trying to scale back on buying wearable souvenirs, but with a name like Tumpie's, East Dublin's family steak house is at the top of my t-shirt wish list.

Nestled just off US-80, this 19th century home turned restaurant is jam packed with loads of charm and delicious dishes!

Boasting to be the "Best Little Steakhouse This Side of Texas," their main menu item is"kind of like your Grandma's, if she cooked big delicious ribeyes," one restaurant goer said, while the fried catfish and salmon suit the needs of those craving seafood.
At our table, three in a row went for the ribeye. 
Of course, Tumbie's is more than just your typical surf and turf cuisine.  It's Dublin, so Southern sides and appetizers litter the menu.

Fried pickles made their way to my plate, while the table ordered frog legs.  I'd always heard they tasted just like chicken, and after a little peer pressure I tried the tiniest of bites for myself.  It's got more of a fishy-chicken (aka fishken) kick to it if you ask me though.
This is fishken! 
Served with sides , salads, and homemade yeast rolls, the portions were plentiful.  I left completely stuff totting a doggy bag.

So, if you’re looking for reasonalbly priced country dining that takes you back to a simpler time, definitely stop by Tumpies.

And word to the wise, don't let its Dublin address fool you.  The locals tell me this rural restaurant is a weekend favorite, so arrive early and be patient.

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