Sunday, September 8, 2013

Happy Grandparen'ts Day!

The day she became a Grandma to Girls!
It's National Grandparents Day, and I'm so lucky to be spending it alongside my Grandma!

Quite the sassy Scottish lady, her cooking is definitely an expression of love towards her family. No culinary classic can compare to Grandma's rice and gravy. Paired alongside roast beef and fresh biscuits, whenever she hears one of her 13 grandchildren are stopping by for a visit it's pretty much a guaranteed meal. Add 12 types of ice cream for after dinner dessert, and it's no surprise she's our go to contact for yummy recipes and Downton Abbey gossip.  Plus, she’s always good for a few funny stories about my dad’s childhood. 

So what makes your grandparents some of your most favorite people?

And, here she is alongside some of her grandchildren at Joseph's graduation.
This past Wednesday, Saxon Heights Elementary invited Nanas and Papas for lunch at the Tiger's Den. In between bites of food, tiny toothless tots told me what makes their grandparents the best.

Check out the video here for some guaranteed cute kiddos!

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