Saturday, September 28, 2013

Milk Mustache Competition

Talk about your Moo-rific Milk Mustache Competition!  In conjunction with World School Milk Day, Dublin City Schools students sported their sweetest  'staches hoping their picture would be made into a lunchroom poster.  I'm sure teachers hated me asking their students to get a little messy with their milk.  But, just look at the results!

Complete with toothless grins, big bows, and cow juice accessories, there's no denying these precious kiddos took some of the cutest Got Milk? pictures you've ever seen.  I'm just so glad I'm not the one making the final decision.


  1. Glad i'm not the judge either- they are all too cute!!!

    miss you AM, love following your blog.

    you may be one of the few who understand my love for Vera Bradley. Thanks for being my southern girl w/style xoxo

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