Thursday, June 16, 2011

Perry's Priesters

Fried Green Tomatoes, Super-Sweet Tea, Creamed Corn, and Soap Operas-can an afternoon get more Southern than that?  My sister and I drove down to Perry to have lunch with my dad.  After eating a scrumptious meal filled with deep fried dishes at the Swanson House, we drove over to Priesters Pecans.  I've driven by the store more times than I can possibly count, but before this afternoon I'd never actually stopped at exit 134 and walked it.  Well, it's pretty much the most precious store ever...think Cracker Barrel gift shop but bigger and multiply its cuteness factor by 100.

The not only have an entire wall devoted to monogrammed merchandise but also more free samples than even I could eat.  Plus, with all there Southern Belle tees and SEC goods, I'm pretty sure I've found my new favorite place to shop in Middle Georgia!  And, I'm a little embarrassed to admit it, but my favorite soap-Days of Our Lives-was playing, so that made the pitstop just that much sweeter.

They also had a piece of wall art that defined my upbringing almost perfectly...A Southern Girl (a suhth-ern gurl) noun.  Someone who 1) knows macaroni and cheese is a vegetable. 2) makes being sassy a little bit cute. 3) likes her okra fried and her tea sweet. 4) can tell y'all stories for miles about her hometown. 5) replies with a polite, "yes ma'am." 6) puts wild flowers in a mason jar 7) loves her momma and thinks her daddy hung the moon.

Well, there you go.  That's Perry's Priesters.  Be sure to take a look at a few of my most favorite finds from the day.
Most Important, Check out all the Free Samples!  They even had freshly-made
Pralines.  I'll be quite honest, I went back 3 times to "taste" the sweet treats.  
Seriously, More Monogrammed Merch Than Even I Own
Why Yes, Those are Polka-Dot Hammers.  They also had
Printed Tape Measurers and Screw Drivers.  
My Dad Liked the Print But Not the $54 Price Tag 
Just One of the Many Adorable Southern Belle Tees They Had 

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