Friday, September 9, 2011

Back to the Books

Boring School Books for the Semester 
My semester has officially begun.  I've met my professors, spent too much money on books, used a whole packet of notecards, taken the NYU bus, and drunk a venti lattte from Starbucks.    It's only been three days, and already I've been forced to conjugate verbs in French and read about London's medieval history. No longer are my sole responsibilities RA training and first floor event planning.  Granted, that doesn't stop residents from knocking on my door at 2:30am to ask for a building sticker, but at least I've ventured above Canal Street.

Despite my daily 8ams (yes that's Monday-Friday), I'm pretty excited for my classes.  However, it's a little weird to think that two years of my college days are already behind me.  I'm no longer "new" to the city. This week, freshmen have actually asked me: really, how stressful is finals week? what's the best dining hall? where should I go to buy a fake?, etc.  One gutsy freshmen even asked me for my number while we were waiting for our breakfast in the omelette line. When I explained to him that despite my blonde, curly hair and baby face, I'm actually 20.  His response was, "So is that a yes or no?"  Oh boys at NYU, they seriously think that because there's so few of them all girls will fall for the lame pickup lines; usually they're right, but come on, the omelette line.

However, it wasn't just Welcome Back Week for me.  The little boy I babysit began the third grade yesterday.  So, on Wednesday, as a last hurrah, we made a special trip to the NY Transit Museum. Highlights of our visit included a tour of vintage subway cars and sitting in the driver's seat of an MTA bus.  For lunch, two slices of tomato pizza hit the spot; then, we were off to Barnes and Noble for an afternoon of picture books and Godiva hot chocolate.
Olie Driving the Bus 

Danny, Olie's Friend, Driving a Bus From the '60s 

The Boys in an Old Train Ticket Counter 

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