Friday, September 2, 2011

Back With My Brooklyn Babies

For more than three months now, I've been without my Brooklyn Babies.  Although they've sent me cute emails throughout the summer, nothing could top the warm hugs they gave me Wednesday morning.  All last year, I spent three afternoons a week hanging out with Sophie (13) and Oliver (8) while their parents worked in the City.  However, working for their family was definitely more than a job; it was more like having a second set of parents with an adorable little sister and brother---basically, it was just what I needed with my Georgia family living 1000 miles away.  

With the kids not starting my back school until next week, I'd just assumed my first day back on the job would entail homework duty and tae know do lessons.  But, I got an email from their mom wondering if I was available to work an extra morning this week.  When I got to their adorable brownstone, Martha asked if I'd be up for an adventure.  She said, "The day's just too pretty to be spent indoors."  She suggested we spend the day in Manhattan.  

After breakfast was served, facebook was checked, and teeth were brushed, Sophie and I came up with the game plan for the most perfect afternoon:  We took the F train to Central Park, where we saw exotic animals in the zoo and rode the antique carousel.  

Enjoying Their Snack in the Park
We had a picnic lunch underneath a shaded tree, followed by cotton candy and strawberry ice cream for dessert.  A game of pickup baseball was progressing, so Oliver took a swing while Sophie and I chatted about her upcoming last year in middle school.  After we all agreed we couldn't explore one more inch of the massive park, we made our way to Dylan's Candy Bar.  Sophie had an IOU from her parents for her birthday and decided to share her present with her baby brother.  Neither one had ever been to the Wonka-esc Wonderland, and both just couldn't get over how many sweet treats for available for purchase.  After exploring the three-story-confectionary-palace, Oliver decided on a giant Crunch bar, a water gun that shot bubble gum, and some candy shaped like Lego pieces, while Sophie settled for an assortment of chocolates, multiple Smarties, caramel chews and gummies.  As we made our way back to Brooklyn, I just couldn't get over how much fun we'd had.  More than that, I couldn't get over that I was actually getting paid to have all this fun!  It really was a perfect way to ease back into the working world. 

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