Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Natural Disasters and RA Training

This past week has definitely been a whirlwind of sorts.  With countless training sessions and two natural disasters under my belt, I think it's safe to say I'll be prepared for whatever these students throw my way.  I just hate that Mom and Mrs. Amy came all the way here and then had to leave less than 24 hours later.

 After word surfaced that the NYC subways were closing, Chinatown became a ghost town.  I looked outside my window Sunday morning, and no one was to be seen.  We ventured out of Lafayette that afternoon looking for a bite to eat, and only a handful of restaurants were open.

But this week certainly hasn't been all work and no play.  The NYU RAs took over the Harry Potter Exhibit in Time Square last Sunday.  And, I've played more games of wiffle ball than I ever thought possible.  Even staying up until 3am to fix bulletin boards and hang door decs was fun thanks to my 11th Floor Co-RA, Michael.
The Picture for Our "Welcome to the 11th Floor" Letter 
Our Flyer Bulletin Board 
The Theme for Our Floor---We're Nerds, So What
For over a week now, a building that's supposed to hold 1077 students has been the playground for just 32 RAs.  Today's move-in day, and one of my suite mates has already moved in.  It's time to officially get to work.  I've already clocked-in my first hours in the Resource Center, and on Thursday I'll be having my first building wide program....Cupcake Baking at Butter Lane.  So far, I'm pretty sure this job was made for me. 

Just one last word word to the wise-Don't wear you're NYU ID around your neck.  You'll look at your Welcome Week pictures a month from now and realize you shouldn't have worn the purple lanyard as a necklace for the entire week.  Just because every Freshmen on campus is doing it doesn't mean you have to as well.  I tell you this because I was one of those people who thought it'd be a good decision.

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