Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Book Review: The Heir

The Heir by Johanna Lindsey

As I'm sure you can tell by now, I'm such a sucker for any book set in London.  Of course, my latest listen is no different.  The first book in the Reid Family series, this historical romance begins when Duncan MacTarvish, a dashing highlander, discovers he's the sole heir of an English marquis.  He's required to leave the land he loves, move to England, and assume the title and estate from his grandfather, who he's never met.  As any true Scotsman would, Duncan wears a kilt to meet his betrothed bride, Ophelia.  In response to his appearance, this beautiful viper-tongue calls her groom-to-be a "Scottish barbarian."  Clearly offended, Duncan calls off the engagment and is forced to search for a new spouse.  He's entranced by his beautiful neighbor, Sabrina, but duty, class stance, and a secret that dwells in the woman's past forbids the desired union---unless true love can somehow find its way.

This super short love affair is just perfect if you're searching for a full blown happy ending in less than 3 hours.  It's not you're typical lusty, shirtless man on the cover kind of paperback though.  Sure, it's no piece of highbrow literature, but sometimes you just want a simple plot that doesn't force you to think.  I'd definitely suggest it to anyone who's in need of a little added passion.

My Rating:***

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