Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What's On the Menu: The Inside Scoop on Georgia Bob's BBQ

With tomorrow marking my last day at NewsCentral, I'm glad I got to spend the morning shadowing Felicia.  After a quick VO/SOT on Bibb County's first day, we made a trip to Byron, spotlighting a scrumptious barbecue joint for an upcoming segment of "The Chow Down."

Despite its name, Georgia Bob's BBQ offers a lot more than just pulled pork.  Customers raved about their chicken salad and hearty sides.  And,  the owner, Bob Evans, gave us a perfect interview.  Despite its driveway, he stressed the fact that Georgia Bob's isn't a fast food restaurant.  They just serve high quality food a little quicker than the typical sit down spot.  And if you're having an office luncheon or hosting a tailgate party, Georgia Bob's got you covered.  One customer made a phone order asking for 100 BBQ sandwiches, and the staff completed her request without breaking a sweat.

After our work was done Bob insisted on showing us what really sets their business apart...free samples.
He relies on word of mouth, not advertisements, to really drive in new clients.  So, Georgia Bob's has no
A Peak At My
 Melt-In-Your-Mouth Meat

 problem offering a bite to questioning customers.  After smelling the pit-smoked barbecue, there was no doubt as to what I'd be having.  Yep, I broke my vegetarianism once again, but for their melt in your mouth meat, it was definitely worth it.  Paired with crispy fries and 1/2 a Chocolate Delight, my lunch couldn't have been better.  I also left with a doggy bag filled with a pound of chicken salad and a jar of roasted garlic pasta sauce.

Georgia Bob's combines great food with a friendly Southern atmosphere that makes you feel just like you're at home.  I'd definitely suggest a stopover at one of their three locations (Macon, Byron and Warner Robins) if you're looking for a sizable spread that wont break the bank.

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