Monday, September 19, 2011

Le Basket

For my first journalism assignment of the semester, my professor wanted us to visit a restaurant or cafe around campus and shoot 20-30 scenes that we think best represent it.  After a quick Q-and-A amongst some of the Laf RAs, I decided upon Le Basket.  Nestled on the corner of Broadway and Third, it seems like just your typical NYC deli, but customers say it's their outdoor seating and abundant Four Loko that keep them coming back.  Despite looking like a complete creepster (you figured I had my camera, a tripod, a boom mike, huge headphones, and a ridiculously long extension cord), the owner graciously let me film inside the bodega-esque store Friday afternoon.  The salad bar, the sandwich line, the coffee station, and the chip rack were among the still options I shoot.  Interviews were a little hard to come by, but Marty McFresh's (yes that's his real name) was definitely usable.  Sure, he may have been promoting Four Loko (not so much Le Basket), but every time I watch it I can't help but smile.  Plus, since he actually spoke it complete sentences, it should be a super simple edit.

But, it was the footage I got Saturday night that showed what makes Le Basket a frequent hangout amongst NYUers.  With Broadway as their backdrop, twenty somethings perched themselves around the outside metal tables.  As night faded into morning, more 24oz. pop tabs were pulled, and more interviews were conducted.  The general consensus revealed that Le Basket is a great place to hangout when you're broke.

I just showed my professor the material from my Le Basket adventure.  After a quick tutorial in Final Cut, it looks like I'll be editing my raw footage to actually create a package.  So, be sure to check back sometime next week for a finalized version.

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