Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Joys of Georgia Living

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you might have seen a post or two about Mamy (my mom's wonderful best friend named Amy, who's basically my second mom--hence the nickname).  Well, she arranged for me to surprise my mom with an impromptu trip to Georgia.  I arrived yesterday morning, and have been soaking up the Southern rays ever since!

Of course our first stop was lunch at my favorite Macon restaurant,  IVP.  Then, last night we watched my brother march in his senior year halftime show and had barbecue with all the fixings for dinner.  

As for today, well, the morning started off with a trip to the Wesleyan Market.  Once a month the college showcases products from local vendors.  Everything from fruits and veggies to vintage clothes and pottery can all we found.  And, the best part is it's all made in the Macon/Middle Georgia area.  Being me, I had to also buy a bag full of boiled peanuts.  Throw in a few scarecrows and a couple of pumpkins, and it's no surprise that our outing made for the most perfect fall morning.  

Look at this closeup from the gigantic bow wreaths.  It's made from Macon newspaper.  
Georgia peanuts just can't be beat.
I just loved this combination of vintage shoes and fall pumpkins.  
Are those cups just too cute! 
After a trip to the tiny town festival, we made our way to an even tinier town, Haddock.  It's home to our favorite tea room, Trish Ann's.  But quickly I'll digress to the car ride over.  On the way there, we saw a man dressed all in camo with a deer head in his front seat and two coolers and a four wheeler in the bed of his truck...oh the joys of Georgia Living!  Half antique store/half tea  room, Trish Ann's is the perfect place for ladies who lunch.  Along with their large selection of hot teas, vegetable spread and pimento cheese served with two types of crackers make the perfect appetizer.  And for lunch, well it's tiny pinwheel sandwiches paired with potato soup and sweet potato poppers.  The food there is absolutely delicious.  But be warned, the portions aren't suited for hungry teenage boys--we've learned that the hard way.   
Talk about one yummy meal! 
Fresh Market was our last stop of the day.  We're making Coconut and Praline Pies for dessert (don't worry the recipe's coming soon), so we had a quick stop off for ingredients.  While my mom was searching for ingredients, I was scoping for some delicious free samples.  We may have only been there for 10 minutes, but I found seven to try.

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