Monday, April 15, 2013

Basketball in Brooklyn

Four nights a week I'm paid to watch sports.  YES, MSG+, SNY, and ESPN are constantly on as I write down plays used for the evening newscast.  But tonight, I traded in the eight TVs for tickets to the Barclays Center.  Yep, it was off to Brooklyn for an evening of Nets Basketball with my sporty sidekicks.

Already locked into the Eastern Conference's No. 4 seat, their matchup against the Washington Wizard held no weight.  Typical starters like Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, Brook Lopez, Reggie Evans, Keith Bogans, and Jerry Stackhouse all sat this one out.  But, the come from behind win kept us glued to the game for the whole night.

After trailing for all but the game's last two minutes, Tornike Shengelia would get a last minute layup, and the Nets would come back from a a 17 point deficit.  Tyshawn Taylor shot a three with two seconds left.  And, the Nets (despite lacking their usual starters)would take  the W, 106-101.

Here's a few photos from our night in Brooklyn!
Our seats were in section 231, just above the hoop.  We paid less than $25 for them,
so I was worried they'd be in the nosebleeds.  But, we could see everything just fine. 
After checking out our seats, I headed off to the concession stand for a basket of chicken
fingers and a souvenir cup of Coke.  Sure, they were overpriced, but stadium food is literally the best.
Plus, we got these noisemakers for free.  
Then, I found us a photo booth. 
From AM's choice words of wisdom, "Friends are literally the Best!" 
Only one regular season game remains in the 2013-13 season, but if you're looking for tickets for your own night of Brooklyn Basketball, click here.

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