Sunday, April 14, 2013

If the Glass Slipper Fits

Happily Ever After has made it's way to Broadway with the latest  rendition of Rodger and Hammerstein's Cinderella.  A sucker for princesses in puffy dresses, as soon as tickets went on sale through the NYU Box Office I snagged one for myself.  That's right; I took myself on a date to see a fairytale!

There's just something about seeing a show.  You can't leave the theater and be in a bad mood, so as job search stresses begin to weight me down, I thought it'd be the perfect morale booster.  Plus, I'd read a few articles about Prince Charming, and I was dying to see if he was as dashing onstage as he was in print.

Now that's a fabulous ball gown!
And her wedding gown--this fabulous find would give
 Carrie Bradshaw  a run for her money.  
Let's just say I didn't leave disappointed!  Starring sought after leading lady Laura Osnes as the one 
with the shiny shoes, I'd say it's definitely a must see show. From start to finish it was filled with excellent actors performing catchy song and dance numbers. Along with the typical fairy tale talk, they threw in funny comments.  Plus, the costumes---Cinderella may have started off in rags, but the beautiful white ball gown courtesy of her Fairy Godmother more than made up for it.

Tickets can be had for as little as $39.50, so if you're on a budget but looking for a night on Broadway, check out their Box Office information here.  

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