Sunday, July 7, 2013

26 Sure Signs You've Vacationed at Daytona Beach

The summer's just halfway over, and already I've spent two weeks sitting beneath a Daytona Beach umbrella, drowning in SPF 100.  So, I feel like I'm a bit of an expert on what you can find at the "World's Most Famous Beach."  If you've ever made the trip to the Volusia County city, your sure to agree here's 26 sure signs you've vacationed there.

26) There's bound to be a debate on whether you should play Congo, Safari, or Pirate Putt Putt.
25) No matter how many signs they put up your pool will always have as much sand as the beach.
24) Hair wraps and Henna tattoos for all...No matter your age or gender!
23) You wonder what happened to the good ole days when water wings kept children afloat.
22) You always plan on visiting the Dayton Beach Lighthouse, but it's just too far away.
21) At least one of your meals comes from the hot dog vendor.
20) You see way too many people wearing too tiny sized bathing suits.
I'm not trying to be hateful, but just because they make a bikini in your size doesn't mean you have to wear one. 
19) You look high and low, but the biggest shell in the bottom of your bucket isn't bigger than a dime.
18) You wonder who would be willing to risk their life on the slingshot or really any of the rides at the Boardwalk.
17) Walking the Beach =Walking the World's Longest Runway.
So many judgey stares. 
16) You know a mesh top over a bikini is always acceptable grocery shopping gear.
Halle Berry knows it's true. 
15) You always think it's a good idea to boogie board until you get out there and realize there's absolutely no waves.
14) No matter how many coats of sunscreen you reapply, you will be burned in the most awkward places.
We call this the Streaky Sunburn Gang. 
13) You have to go see the Bandshell, even if no one's playing.
12) You spend way to many quarters playing skee ball hoping for enough tickets to win the Hula Dancer Hood Ornament at the Boardwalk.
11) From June to September, your hotel balcony is definitely going to be minus lights.
Gotta keep those baby sea turtles safe. 
10) Even though they're touristy, you wait in a way too long line to eat at Bubba Gumps or Joe's Crab Shack.
9) If you're over 18, you spend your afternoons studying race guides and your nights betting on grey hounds.
Our parents taught us to gamble at the Daytona Dog Track.   Parents of the year anyone? 
8) Even as a poor college kid, you're not willing to drink the free sulfur water.
And, you feel like you need to take a shower even when you just get out of the shower.  
7) You start to wonder if you're the weird one for not having trashy tattoos.
6) You wonder who would ever want to stay at a place called the Desert Inn.
Especially since it's been rated one of America's Dirtiest Hotels. 
5) You wonder if being good looking is a requirement for their beach lifeguards.
4) Regardless of the time of year, you know you're able to buy a Daytona 500, Spring Break, Orange Crush, or Bike Week shirt at one of the junky beach shops.
3) You don't know why, but hearing the Ice Cream Truck's Christmas music always makes your mouth water for a sweet treat.
2) You weave between cars walking to the ocean.
1) You wonder how exactly it became "The World's Most Famous Beach."

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