Thursday, July 11, 2013

Wearing Waffle House??

I'm literally one of the biggest fans of Waffle House.  I've told way too many friends about their wondrous waffles, and anytime I'm below the Mason-Dixon line, a stop at the famous house is always on my agenda.

So, when my dad asked us where we wanted to stop late Saturday night, of course I suggested the Waffle.

Nonetheless,  even I (a waffle regular) was a little perplexed by my latest discovery.  Nope, it's not a menu addition but apparel?  That's right, merchandise promoting pancake bashing can be all yours.

Here's a few of my favorite FOR SALE items.

Nothing says sophisticated gentlemen's game like this bright orange golf shirt.  Only $32, it's less than one you'd find on the sale rack at Polo. 
For all you Frat Tank rocking ladies, here's a new $17 designer dud to add to your collection.
It's sold out now, but they're bound to get a new shipment in before a new crop of Sorority Recruits enter the hallow halls of university come August. 
I am a Waffle House Princess, and thank you for noticing $17 shirt. 
I was on the Mayhew Collateral, so pancake bashing is tough.  But, if this $15 tee found its way in my drawer I'd wear it.  
Look like a pro in this $18 trucker hat. 
Seriously, my dad should get one of these $12 bibs.  It'd take the guessing out of ordering hashbrowns. 
A bit pricy at $22, this soft tote cooler would surely be a great addition to anyone's tailgating routine.  

Unfortunately, you can't just stroll up to your favorite breakfast bearings demanding duds.  It's only available online.  

For  more information, or to see all their Waffle House Wear just look here.

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