Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Journey to Jekyll

Almost 10 years ago I saw the Jekyll Island Club for the first time. Talk about your instant attraction. From the turret and its millionaire history to the chapel and horse drawn carriages, I was in love!

I've even go the vintage picture to prove it...
I'm sure my brother and sister will be embarrassed, but that's from way back when with the pups on a Jekyll Island bike trolley.   
So, when my dad said he was going on a business conference to St. Simons I begged to accompany him.  In addition to having a few more days to read beachside, it'd put be only 30 minutes away from my absolute favorite location.

I know everyone always says Disney Land is the most magical place on earth.  But take a look at these few photos, and really it's no surprise my money's on Jekyll.
Founded in 1886, the Jekyll Island Club was once the private winter retreat of America’s wealthiest families with notable members like Morgan, Rockefeller, Pulitzer and Vanderbilt vacationing at the turret-clad clubhouse once the Northern Winters became to harsh to handle.    
These days of course guest can sunbath at the Millionaire's Pool or play croquet on the spectacular lawns. 
A personal favorite spot of mine is the Faith Chapel.  With Wall Street's wealthiest worshiping here,
are you shocked it contains a magnificent signed window by Louis Comfort Tiffany himself?    
Think Great Gatsby with a Southern twist.  Jekyll's cottage colony may seem grand by today's standards, but the homes on "Millionaire Row" were relatively simple in design.  While walking, I was particularly attracted to two lions that stood guard ore a turn-of-the-century swimming pool,
 long abandoned on the grounds of the Hollybourne Cottage.  
Following the path along the river your bound to see the shade of these massive live oaks too beautiful for words. 
 So what do you think?  Do I have you convinced you're in need of a Jekyll Island vacation?

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