Friday, February 14, 2014

The Glory Days of Valentines Past

Candy hearts, huge balloons, fuzzy teddy bears, hugs, and kisses…all the things that make Valentines Day wonderful, right?  If you're in a perfect relationship, the day may bring you nothing but joyful memories, but what happens if V-Day rolls around and you're contentedly by yourself?

I'm one of the 92 million single people living in the United States, and, honestly, I can't complain. 
Sure, it'd be great if someone else was buying the bag of chocolate kisses I've devoured today, but I'm a grown up with a credit card.

Don't worry this isn't one of those "woe is me" posts.  I'm certainly not opposed to Valentines Day; it's actually one of my favorite holidays.  I just wish it wasn't so focused on couples.  

Remember the good old day of elementary school?  Everyone gave cute cards and candies to each boy and girl in their class.  Back then, it wasn't labeled a couples day; Valentines Day was just a day for friendship.
Isn't he just the cutest?  I love the valentines mailbox too! 

 Today, I was lucky enough to "time-travel" back to the glory days of Valentines past.  From 9am onward, I attended three school dances and 40+ classes parties.  I was there to witness elementary kiddos opening Spider Man valentines from their secret crush as well as the sugarcoma that comes with eating four cupcakes, chips, candy and fruit punch in a 20 minute period.  I got more hugs than a girl could ever hope for, and a few fellas even asked me to be their valentine.
He asked her to dance; then, she asked him to dance.
I asked, and yes they are boyfriend/girlfriend. 
His suit...Her Hello Kitty tutu! 

Take a look inside a 2014 Valentines Day Loot Bag. 
So excited by his Valentines! 

I guess what I'm trying to say is, regardless of my relationship status, I've been showered with love.  This Valentines Day couldn't have been any better, and all it took was a few sticky-handed hugs.  

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