Thursday, March 27, 2014

18 Life Lessons I Learned from "The Cosby Show"

This time last year, my college graduation countdown clock was quickly ticking by.  Freak outs were increasing in number.  Like most second semester seniors, I was stressed about my post-grad plans:  where should I live? what should I be doing? am I ever going to get a job? how will I leave my college friends? 

Yet, it was amidst the mess that I discovered the best medicine for any almost graduate…watch The Cosby Show from start to finish.  Sure, seeing Cliff, Claire and the kiddos provides plenty of punch lines and hundreds of hours in entertainment.  But, also know wrapped up in the laughs are loads of life-lessons.

For instance...

1) Respect Your Parents
2) Traditional Gender Roles…Who needs 'em?
3) Forgive him for the Dad Jeans because your Pops' bound to have some article of clothing you're begging to borrow.
Take if from me; that's the face Dad's going to give you when you ask to borrow his button-up or comfy, oversized sweater.
4) When it doubt, sing it out:  Literally, the family lip-synch episodes for Grandma and Grandpa Huxtable's 49th and 50th Wedding Anniversary are pure gold!

5) Your college graduation day is just as exciting for your parents as it is for you.
Theo graduated from NYU, so the night before Yankee Stadium, I had my parents watch his graduation episode with me.  And, trust me when I say it made for quite the cute family momet1
6) Just because you're cute doesn't mean you'll get your way.

7) Mark your calendars (and plan in advance ) for major family holidays...You don't want to be that kid who gives Dad a light-up tie for Fathers Day.

8) You can always come home.

9) Grandparents are not the same people our parents grew up with.  And, yes, their job is to spoil us.

10) Girls will always hog the bathroom.

11) Tell your parents if you're living with your significant other.  That conversation will be far less awkward then your dad finding your partners underwear mixed in with your dirty laundry.

12) Fish funerals are very sad occasions.

13) Trick or Treating=Begging

14) Even if your dad is a OBGYN, mom's the one to turn to when it comes to "Woman's Day" matters.

15) Living in a "Real World Apartment" isn't what it's cracked up to be.

16) Despite the price break, never ask your sister to make a knock-off Gordon Gartrell.

17) You can make just as big of an impression without words.  Just think of Rudy's silent friend Peter. 

18) At the end of the day, it's all about family.
So there you go.  Is it really any surprise that I think watching The Cosby Show from start to finish should be a graduation requirement?

Originally published on Thought Catalog

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