Thursday, March 6, 2014

24 Grilled Cheese Recipes That'll Make You Wish You Hadn't Given Up Bread For Lent

It's Kindergarten Registration time here at Dublin City Schools, so in between playing with kiddos and answering parent questions, I've had a bit of time to catch up with Pintrest Recipes.  Add in the fact that it's rainy weather, and it's no surprise my mind's been wandering to Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.

With their crisp, buttery outside and goey, melted cheese inside, it's the perfect sandwich, even in its most basic form.  But, the iconic American classic has received quite the makeover as of late. 

So, here you go:  24 Grilled Cheese Recipes That'll Make You Want to Wish You Hadn't Given Up Bread For Lent

1) Green Apple and Aged Cheddar Grilled Cheese 
Toasted Bread and Mac+Cheese...Talk About a Piece of Perfection
Basically, it's a grilled cheese dessert
Who needs a birthday cake when you can eat funfetti icing in grilled cheese form?
Even if tomatoes and cheese weren't a delicious combination, I'd devour these cute sandwiches just because they're tiny!
I'd disregard the bacon, but besides that, this sandwich sounds awesome!
Can breakfast get any better?
You don't even need bread for this delicious sandwich!
Guacamole makes everything better!

And...24) The Classic


  1. I love reading your blog AM makes me feel closer to you-- I will take the guacamole grilled cheese please!!!

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