Sunday, April 27, 2014

Allergies Ruin Spring

They say Spring is in the air, but it's actually just pollen.  There's no frolicking in the fields for allergy sufferers.  Nope, wearing pastels is the closest we get to embracing Springs.

1) Everyone's always like "look at those pretty flowers."  You're like "get those pollen bombs away from me."

2) The cute guy at the pharmacy thinks you're a mouth breather.

3) People mistake you for an aging athlete, since you've been lathering on the VapoRub like it's your job.

4) Claritin, Cold and Sinus Pills, Mucinex, Nasal Spray, Cough Drops…your medicine cabinet can rival any drug store. 

5) All you want to do is lounge in bed, far away from high pollen and mold spores.

From April-August, this is what I need!
6) But, you aren't contagious, so your boss still expects you to come in.

7) You've got blood shot eyes, but it's not from doing anything fun.

8) From sun up to sun down, your constantly sniffling.

9) . . . Meaning, you leave a trail that could rival any fairy tale breadcrumbs.

10) And, will inevitably end up up passing out in a pile of used tissues.

Oh the joys of Spring!

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