Sunday, April 13, 2014

Trading in Main Street for Dirt Roads

The epitome of country charm, Swainsboro's Flat Creek Lodge is the perfect spot for Southerners looking to escape the daily drools.  From the minute you trade in Main Street for dirt roads, it's all about enjoying the scenic serenity.

I'm no outdoorsy sportsman, but even I could appreciate the fabulous water fowl (including baby ducklings and black swans) and beautiful grounds.  Being a vegetarian, I'm probably not the best judge of the lodge's cuisine, but I will have you know that their homemade jelly had me going back for multiple biscuits! 

The lodge describes itself as a "hunting and fishing adventure," but I'd say as long as you enjoy rustic rooms, lilly padded ponds and cute baby cows, the Flat Creek Lodge should be your next weekend getaway destination.  But, be prepared; stuffed animals are everywhere.  So, don't be surprised when a giant black boar watches over your bed. 

Me being me, of course I had to take my camera and snag a few photos.

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