Thursday, May 26, 2011

Friends, Family, and Fiber-Beach Trip 2011

After the trek back to the beach house in our sopping wet jeans, we all changed and spent the afternoon in Historic St. Augustine.  Ever since I finished reading Gone With the Wind, I've become absolutely obsessed with all things Tara.  We passed these two restaurants this afternoon, and I absolutely had to document it:

We had lunch at the Bunnery Cafe, where I broke my vegetarianism for a brief meal and ate a cheeseburger.  I felt so guilty eating a baby cow that I decided my meat-eating was just reserved for that one vacation meal.  I'm back to my salad-eating ways; sorry to burst your bubble Daddy. 

We also took the ferry boat to Fort Matanzas.  Sure, we should have been remembering the soldiers who lived in the cramped living quarters; instead, us girls just used the fort as an additional backdrop for our photos.  Becky posed in front of the cannons, while I used the artillery turret.  To make it appear educational though, we did take a picture in front of the park sign.  

When we sat down for our last night of good eating' (tomorrow we'll just have left overs), Becky and I were sure to grab our fiber pills.  That's been one of our jokes for the week.  At dinner, Mrs. Amy makes the boys take 6 fiber pills; from night number one onwards, my sister and I have begun taking our daily dose too.  We may have to invest in those once we get home.  I'm thinking yes.  

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