Friday, May 20, 2011

Gators Deep In Enemy Territory

Greeted by the Gator Van 

 Because Becky received a scholarship, we made the hour-long trek to the Atlanta Gator Gathering last night.  It was by far the most obscure evening of my life.  Everyone was wearing orange and blue, sporting UF memorabilia, and talking football.  All quite foreign compared to my college choice.  The only time purple is worn by the masses is at graduation, and students only break out their NYU sweatshirts during midterms.  Quidditch matches are our favorite sports events.  Our mascot is the Fighting Violets, and our school spirit level is at a zero.   Basically, NYU is the exact opposite of any school in the SEC.  
Pretending for the Evening
That I Went to a
School in the SEC

I really felt like I was stepping into another college world at last night's event.  When their new football coach walked in,  Gator Chops were done from every attendee both young and old (except for me who had absolutely no idea what was going on and my dad who's a die hard Alabama fan).  Will Muschamp answered questions for what seemed like years, giving intimate details of every player and the upcoming season.  Then, my sister and I waited in line to get Muschamp's autograph; we'd won a raffle, and his signature on some overpriced Florida gear was apparently the prize.  My sister was of course overjoyed by the whole evening and had to buy a UF hat and backpack to sport around campus in the fall, while I just kept asking my parents if this is normal behavior for college students.  
They Even Had UF Balloons 

I always knew going to school in New York was different from my other high school friends’ college adventures.  But, it wasn’t until last night that I realized it’s more than just our locations that differ.  They attend football games, tailgate, and show school pride.  I attend broadway plays, don’t even own a car, and only visit the campus store to sell back my books at the end of the semester.  Two completely different experiences for our first four years of freedom, and I really can’t decide which one is better.  

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