Thursday, November 10, 2011

Only 43 More Days Until Christmas

This semester's been the quickest yet.  It seems like professors just passed out the syllabus and already they're prepping us for finals.  It's weird to think that Thanksgiving's just around the corner  Then before you know it, the cornucopia will be back in the attic, and candy canes will cover every square inch of the tree.

Even though Halloween was just last week (and today's high was definitely 70º F), Starbucks has officially switched their menu to feature Christmas blends.  Ordering my usual Pumpkin Spice Latte this morning felt a little strange, especially when it was served in a cup adorned with reindeer and snowflakes.

Even Facebook postings already speak of "Jingle Bells" blaring from the loud speaker.

I Can't Believe Today's Really November 10th
One Brooklyn brownstone even has Santa's Official Count Down To Christmas Clock.  As we were walking to Tae Know Do this afternoon, the little boy I babysit starting listing all the presents he receive this year.  

And that’s when I had a slight panic attack....usually I’m so prepared and love finding the perfect gift for every single person on my list.  And as of yet, my only holiday-related-purchase was a cute pair of socks for my baby sister.  I scoured the Urban Outfitters website, and I think I’m on to something for Joseph, my 16 year old brother, but as for my parents, the juries still out.  As per usual, my lack of funds is keeping me from purchasing the perfect present:  two tickets for the Disney Cruise.  Perhaps, they’ll settle for yet another NYU sweatshirt?

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