Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Welcome to the South!

I knew I was officially heading home when  the main topic on my flight was college football.  That's right, cute old men were debating Alabama vs. Auburn, so of course I piped in with my very own "Roll Tide."  Southern accents rich with y'alls were blabbing about the SEC's top quarterbacks; it was just what I needed to get me in the holiday mood! 

Then, after I landed in Atlanta, my sweet daddy and baby brother (who's an absolute giant at 6'2") fixed my caffeine fix with a quick Starbucks run and grabbed my luggage-what gentlemen.  As to be expected, the traffic was horrendous and dinner time was quickly approaching, so we stopped off and ate at one of Georgia's best barbecue joints, OBs.  I absolutely loved the waitress; when I asked for tea, she automatically knew I wanted it sweet.  Seeing as how I'm a vegetarian, I can't really comment on their specialities, but their fried okra and crinkle fries were pretty tasty.  But the real kicker was their decorations.      

I finally pulled in the driveway around 8:30, and now I'm sitting in the living room, drinking Amaretto with my momma and is good.  Happy Turkey Day Y'all! 

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