Monday, May 27, 2013

Graduating from Yankee Stadium

NYU's 181st Commencement was held on May 22nd at Yankee Stadium.  Gobs of  purple gowns and their guests crowded around home plate to hear Student Speaker Chelsea Garbell, Honorary Degree recipient David Boyes, and President John Sexton.  And, I was right in the middle of it! 

After riding the 4 Train, my friends and I collected our College of Arts and Sciences cowbells and officially became NYU Alum.  Here's a few photos from the ceremony! 
Right after we piled out of the train, us four RAs snapped this picture real quick!     
Sassi and Phil are my two favorite grads.  We just need to photoshop Baby Sooz in here. 
Loving the CAS merch.  
The NYU seal covered home plate, but I thought it was a  nice addition to leave the Yankees emblem.  
Talk about your sea of purple.
No wonder every commuter treads the one day a year we all cram onto the train and pile into the stadium. 
The absolutely wonderful Tribbles!  I'm so glad they made their way to Manhattan for my graduation! 
Momma donning my purple NYU commencement head gear.
After paying $250,000 I'd say we deserved a complimentary hat.  
Right in front of Gate 6 Daddy and I snapped a photo too.  
Mandatory glamour shot, and notice how I meticulously balanced the hat.
 I've said it before, and I'll say it again:  they've not made with curly hair in mind!    
In all the hustle and bustle I can't believe I found my Sophomore Year roommate in the crowd.  Gotta love Jen Barbosa! 

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