Monday, May 13, 2013

So, I Went To The Zoo

In just a little over a week I'll be graduating at Yankee stadium and packing up my apartment for a move down South.  People keep asking me if I'm going to miss the City, and while I've definitely loved living here, I ready for the next phase in my life.  Of course, with my remaining days it's time to check off the last few items on my NYC Bucket List.

I'm just like a kid.  I love the Zoo! 
Yesterday was all about Central Park.  I've walked through the park more times than I can count, but before Mothers Day its zoo was a total mystery.  So, I woke up extra early and hit the ground running.  I figured if I couldn't spend the day with my Momma, the next best thing would be to spend it with Mothers from the Animal Kingdom.  

Talk about a precious place!  It's just the right size if you're looking to see some exotic animals but don't want to dedicate the whole day to the zoo.  No giraffes or panda bears are around, but they do have an awesome penguin palace and three friendly sea lions!
Talk about your talented Sea Lions!  

Getting up close and personal with the snow leopards. 
Polly want a cracker? 

The Tropic Zone is where you'll find the slimy snakes, along with lemurs and flying birds.  Definitely, enter this exhibit at your own risk.  Birds (like Toucans and Parrots) roam free, and the guide said they often drop surprises on unsuspecting guest below.

The best part of the zoo though is that you're in Central Park.  After looking at the snow leopards and listening to the famous Delacorte Music Clock, be sure to explore all its noteworthy stops.
Alice and her cast of storybook friends are the perfect jungle gym  for miniature Manhattanites. 
Feeling romanic?  Rent a paddle boat and row your loved one around the pond. 
If for no other reason, you should visit the park to sneak pictures of people's extra special day.
Literally, I ran into three couples donning wedding wear.
To plan you own trip to the zoo, click here for more information.  And, check out this interactive map of Central Park to see all it has to offer.

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