Friday, May 10, 2013


A sucker for all things journalism, I've wanted to see "Newsies" since it made its Broadway debut last April.  Finally, this week I was finally able to see the show dedicated to newspapers and the people who hawk them!

When the curtains raise at the Nederlander Theater the year's 1899, and the scene's a grimy Lower Manhattan.  Fiesty lads of the urban jungle are making their living pushing papes (to borrow their lingo) when The World's owner decides to increase paper boy prices.  Fed up with  demands from the powerful press lords, the gang of street kids start the New York newsboy strike.

To be sure, Newsies is one of Broadway's best.  Not only does it feature dazzling dancing, marvelous music and cool cloth caps, but the boys.  Oh gosh, there's so many cute boys, and they're all so talent.

If you like song and dance numbers, definitely check out this one from Disney.

And that's the real news.

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