Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Graduation Take One

Sassi and I always sit together, so why would our
college graduation ceremony be any different? 
In just a few hours I'll be taking the 4 train to Yankee Stadium for the All University Commencement.  But, yesterday was all about Radio City.  The College of Arts and Sciences had its baccalaureate ceremony there, and of course my entourage of Momma, Daddy, Mrs. Amy, and Baby Jared were there to watch we walk across the stage.  You see, my little brother graduated from high school only hours before, so they took the earliest flight to NYC.  Talk about love, they were running on less than an hours sleep to be there for my special day!  

Here's a few photos from yesterday!  Of course, more's to come...

Three graduation ceremonies in three days...Now that's one proud Momma! 
And here's one with Daddy
After spending countless hours working on their 6th floor, I had to take a picture at 30. 
It's not the most flattering of photos, but I wanted to show of my NYU Alumni glasses
The Empire State Building was purple to celebrate NYU's graduation.
I'm still waiting until after Yankee Stadium  to walk underneath the arch though. 

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