Friday, May 16, 2014

18 Ways You Know You Were a Camp Counselor

Keens tan lines. S'mores. Two minute showers.  Oh, the joy of being a camp counselor.  Think back to the bittersweet nostalgia, and enjoy the memories of that one sweaty summer. 

1) You have a real understanding of writing letters.   Living the camp bubble life kept you from the outside world.  So, mail time was literally everything!  Sure, it was great when your mom sent pictures of her new dachshund puppy.  But really, all you could think was why didn't she give me a blow by blow of this week's episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashains?

2) Forget $7.25 an hour.  You chose to work for way less than minimum wage.   

3) You have a lot of random skills that are basically useless in the real world. The ability to tie a billion knots? Check.  The ability to turn a toilet paper role into a sought after spirit stick? Check.  The ability to add hand motions to any song? Double check. 

4) Really, just camp songs in general.  Why don't people randomly break out into renditions of bad '90s music on a daily basis?  

5) You were always hungry. 

6) …And your daily calories probably consisted of just two things:  tater tots and s'mores. 

7) Whether it be the counselors or the campers, you know summer love is the most special kind of love. 

8) You know true exhaustion is a lot like being really, really drunk. 

9) You know the greatest fashion accessories are handmade friendship bracelets and tie dyed bandannas.  Along with your staff t-shirts, you still can't get rid of the ones your campers made.  

10) For an entire summer, dressing fancy meant applying tinted Chapstick and pairing your neon socks with a clean t-shirt. 

11) You've been on a BLOB and know it's awesome. 

12) You know working in the camp store or snack shack was the greatest assignment. 

13) You've overdosed on Benadryl.  Thanks a lot ant bites on top of ant bites. 

14) You own way to many one pieces.  

15) Someone, besides your mom or significant other, has folded your underwear. Privacy was not an option. If you left your delicates in the drier for too long, chances are your co or campers were going to touch them. 

16) Your funniest stories usually involve something funny a kid said or did. 

17) You know Post Camp Depression is a real thing.  Grief is leaving the camp bubble behind and being forced to function in the real world again. 

18) You've still got your camp's sticker plastered to your Nalgene water bottle. 

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