Thursday, June 12, 2014

19 Reasons Why My Little Brother's the Best

It's June 12th, and that can only mean one's Joseph Thomas' Birthday!  My wonderful baby brother is turning 19, so of course, we're going to celebrate tonight with his favorite dinner and dessert. But, I can't wait until 6:00 PM to contain my big sister excitement, so here's a list of 19 reason why he's my favorite guy.  

1) He genuinely loves the Lord and isn't afraid to share his faith. 

2) He puts up with his crazy two older sisters.

3)And, along with Momma, calls us his best girls.

4) He's literally the kindest person I know.  My mom, sister, and I try to be nice, but caring for others just comes naturally for Joseph. 

5) When we're all snuggly in our jammies, he's willing to put on a pair of jeans and go to the store to buy us that half gallon of  ice cream.

6) He owns more than 50 Alabama t-shirts.

7) He says Roll Tide at the end of each prayer.

8) His favorite color was clear until quite recently.

9) Forget cake or ice cream. Joseph's favorite dessert is Key Lime Pie.

10) He willingly teaches drumming to 48 elementary kiddos.

11) He prefers bow ties over regular ones and has been rocking them for quite a while.

12) He always goes with the flow when it comes to deciding what to eat for dinner.

13) He loves the movie Frozen.

14) And, he knows "Do You Want to Build a Snowman" is better than "Let It Go."

15) He looks forward to his nightly Once Upon A Time TV with Momma.

16) He knows how to iron a collared shirt.

17) And, he understands opening the door for girls is just something you do.

18) He's an awesome barista for Nehemiah's Coffee House.  Seriously, Starbucks' got nothing on his vanilla lattes. 

19) And most importantly...he may be over six feet, but he still lets us call him our baby brother. 

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