Saturday, June 14, 2014

My Dad's Pretty Awesome, and Here's Why

I know everyone thinks their dad's pretty awesome, especially this time of year.  But, you know what? Mine really is.

Here's 25 reasons why I'm proud to call Stephen Thublin Daddy.

1) He introduced me to coffee before I got speak in full sentences. Granted, it was half coffee-half cream, but how can you not form a caffeine habit as an adult when your dad's pushing java from your sippy cup? 

2) He made sure there was an Alabama cheerleading outfit in the deliver room.

3) He introduced me to the joy that is TCM and always tapes old movies he thinks I'll enjoy.

4) He puts up with my crazy dog.

5) I love Momma, but Daddy's WAY better at telling us stories from our childhood.

6) He cried during my final ballet recital. Who knew Sweet Child of Mine could make a grown man ball like a baby? 

7)He always picks up the tab when it comes to dinner.

8) And makes sure the door's open for both me and my sister.

9) He REALLY tries when it comes to scrounging up something for his picky vegetarian...even if it is a bag of corn.

10) He introduced us to The Lord of the Rings

11) He has a Kirklands Credit Card.

12) He plays old Bill Cosby Comedy albums. 

13) He's always checking to see what's playing at the $2.50 theater.

14) For a Dad, he's pretty adventurous...if it wasn't for him, I would have never been spelunking or white water rafting.

15) He moved me in and out of NYU more times than I can count. Daddy, you gotta admit driving that 15 foot moving van was pretty cool, right?

16) He understands my love of country veggies and S+S Cafeteria.

17) He always makes sure his freezer's stocked with ice cream.

18) He proudly wears his Scottish kilt out in public.

19) And, he's  rocked a mustache for a long as I can remember.

20) Daddy'a got a pretty great singing voice.

22) He introduced me to The Beatles.

23) And helped me plant tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers.

24) He's an accountant, so between him and my Momma, I'll never have to do my own taxes.

25) But, most importantly, He loves his three kiddos. 

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