Sunday, July 17, 2011

Girls Only Getaway

The Epitome of Savannah
With my little sisters spending a few days across the pond, my mom and I took the opportunity to have a girls only getaway.  We spent the weekend in Savannah, GA wandering antique shops, checking touristy spots and sampling Southern cuisine.

Saturday-After our three hour car ride, our first stop was to River Street.  We looked in all the junky shops, littered with I Heart Savannah t-shirts and shot glasses, and visited each store whose sign spoke of free sample.  As we roamed about the cobblestoned street, the smell of freshly made treats wafted from the Savannah Candy Kitchen.  The Willy Wonka wannabes threw delicious taffy in the air and chopped up pieces of warm pralines.  Quite a good marketing ploy; we left with a pound and a half of confectionary sweets.

Making Taffy
After a few hours of countless antique stores filled with Gone With the Wind memorabilia and copies of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, we left the waterfront and headed to one of our favorite lunch spots.  The Gryphon Tea Room has high ceilings adorned with wall paper, classic dark wood decorations, and enormous shelves displaying antique books.  Housed in an adapted turn-of-the-century pharmacy, the food nicely pairs a pot of tea.  To any library lover visiting Savannah, I'd definitely suggest it.  The prices are reasonable and the waiters are adorable.

Next was the famous Lucas Theatre.  Beside the playhouse was a bakery.  In the window, wedding cakes were decorated with edible lace, polka-dots, and flowers.

Our last stop of the day was Forsyth Park.  My mom said, "Before we moved to Macon, I used to sometimes bring you here after church.  I told you that I'd bring you back to play at the fountain when you got a little older.  Who knew it'd take this long."  Goodness, the green grounds were absolutely beautiful, and the fountain looked like one I'd seen in Italy.  After an hour-long drive around Georgia's oldest city, we stopped at Cold Stone for dinner.  We grabbed cake batter ice cream and headed back to the hotel where we immediately went to bed.

Added Bonus of the Day:  Finding Justin Bieber.
Who knew he'd be here for the weekend too?
Mom in Front of The Lady and Sons
Sunday-With Paula Deen's restaurant taking reservations at 9:30, again we had an early day.  We got to the Lady and Sons early, to insure we'd be included in their first sitting.  There really are no words to describe how tasty our brunch was.  Every bite was dripping with flavor, covered in Southernly love, and filled with fat.  I've watched Paula's Home Cooking before, and used to marvel at the excessive amounts of butter she'd use.  But after sampling her entrees, I'll never agin question her ingredients.  I even found myself going back for seconds on dishes I usually don't even like.  After eating there, I actually wished I'd gone to college in Savannah, only so I'd be able to work for her restaurant and eat the daily leftovers.

Our last attraction of the trip was the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, the church I was baptized in.  With it beautiful stained glass windows and breathtaking Stations of the Cross, it'd be a must see for us regardless of our personal connection.  Plus, Paula Deen listed it as one of her top spots in Savannah, so with her stamp of approval it's notoriety amplified in my mind.

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