Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ladies Who Lunch

With only a few weeks left until I head back to New York, my mom and I spent our Saturday revisiting my childhood.  One of my favorite activities as a little girls was hosting tea parties.  I'd spend hours indulging in pretend refreshments, gossiping with my dollies about the trials of my many stuffed animals.  And although I no longer use pint-sized place settings and talk to plush ponies, I still think nothing beats a good ol' mother-daughter tea party.

So this weekend we drove to Haddock, GA to try tea for two at Trish Ann's Antiques and Tea Room.  With their large assortment of teas and scrumptious pinwheels served on mismatched china, it seems like the perfect place to have a quiet lunch with close friends or family.  I'd also like to suggest their delicious baked potato soup.  Every time we visit the sleepy restaurant, I always exchange my fruit for this hearty side.  Although I've never actually tried their pasta salad, it too looked quite tasty sitting beside my mom's main dish.  According to one newspaper article I found, visitors say Trish Ann's desert reminds them of their grandmother's recipe, but I've always found myself too full after the entree to give them a try. A word to the wise, the service is usually a bit overwhelmed, but they offer a complimentary while-you-wait snack of sweet potato tots.  Many times we've visited this little tea room out in the country, and repeatedly it's been transformed into the perfect bridal luncheon spot.  With its flavorsome food and Southern charm, I couldn't think of a more relaxing spot for your extra special Saturday afternoon.
The Prices Are Reasonable; Most Entrees  Served with Two Sides only cost $9

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