Monday, December 26, 2011

Another Christmas Visit By Mr. Potato Head

As we drive to Orland, Florida and suffer from candy coma, classic Christmas tunes blare from the CD player.  Seeing as how the drive's supposed to be six hours but thanks to the traffic it'll be closer to eight, there's been tons of time for me to remember some of my favorite Christmas memories.

My all time favorite was when I was only four. I'm not so sure if my memory is just that good or if it has something to do with the fact that my dad videotapped that morning, but ayways, I'll share it with you.  It was the year Toy Story had come out, and all my little sister wanted was a Mr. Potato Head.  When we'd visited Santa that year, I of course had a very exstensive list complete with a puppy, a new dolly, crayons, and multiple Disney Princess movies. But still, all she wanted was a spud of her own.  So, when we ran to the living room to see if Santa had visited, little Becky's face was probably the cutest thing ever when she saw not only Mr. Potato Head but also Mrs. Potato Head, Spud Children, and Potato Pets!  We also got a golden retreiver, named Jingles, bikes, and a Barbie Jeep that year.  Still, Becky's prized present was still Mr. Potato Head.

Which brings me to Christmas 2011.  Every year Santa always gives us each a toy along with all our growny gifts.  Joseph got Monoploy, and I got Buzz Lightyear Operation.  But Becky, she got a new Mr. Potato Head.  Her original spud muffin has long been discarded.  But that certainly didn't stop my baby sister from tearing open the packaging yesterday and rearranging his face to her favorite expression (wide-eyed with his tongue out).  She may be 19-or a least she will be on December 30th- but nothing can come between Becky and her Mr. Potato Head.  I bet she'll even take hers back to Gaineville with her when she leaves in a few weeks.

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