Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Take on the Final BCS Ranking

In a metropolitan college like NYU, sports make take a back seat to academia and the arts, but that's certainly not the case for state school across the country.  So when my journalism professor challenged us to write a commentary, I certainly had no trouble picking my topic...college football.  Here's my script for Wednesday's live webcast.  

Tonight I’d like to discuss the approaching BCS National Football Game.  On January 9th, No. 2 ranked Alabama Crimson Tide will once again take on the No. 1 ranked LSU Tigers in what some are calling “the football game of the century.”  Now, I know the Oklahoma State head coach, Mike Gundy, went on Sports Center after the Dec. 4th final ranking and questioned the appearance of two South Eastern Conference teams in the national championship.  He argues that until there’s a year without a team  from the conference ranking number one or two in regular season, all other leagues are simply be discredited when the voters are deciding on the big game matchup.  But, I’m sorry this year, there’s no questions the polls spoke the truth.  Obviously, LSU deserves to be there.  They had a pretty hard lineup playing against teams like Arkansas and Tennessee and still remained undefeated.  After they won the December 3rd SEC Championship against University of Georgia, there was pretty much no doubt on their place.  But as for the Crimson Tide, they defeated four ranked team this season, including Penn State, Arkansas, Florida and Auburn.  Sure, Alabama didn’t play for their conference title like the Oklahoma Cowboys, but that’s only because both LSU and Alabama make up the Western Division of the SEC.  Both Alabama and Oklahoma had one loss this season, so it wasn’t like voters could have chosen two team who were undefeated.  But the Cowboys lost to unranked Iowa State while the Crimson Tide was to No. 1 ranked LSU by three points in overtime.  Don’t get me wrong, Oklahoma State’s a good team; they finished the season at number three and they’ll take on Stanford at the January 2nd Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, but the polls chose correctly for the ultimate title...Alabama deserves another shoot at LSU.  And the January 9th, BCS Championship Game is gonna be a great matchup.  I know I’ll definitely be watching.

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