Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Ode to Crate and Barrel

I've officially discovered my new favorite spot in the City. . .Crate and Barrel.  I know, I know it sounds a little silly, but seriously, I love everything about this store.  I was walking home from the gym last night and decided I'd take a quick look inside.  They had a cute Christmas plate in the window, so I just figured what the heck I could use another holiday decoration.  Walking through the doors was like entering a Sussie Homemaker paradise.  A few of my favorites finds include a spatula with cupcake imprints, a candy cane shaped pan, recycled sari garland, tons of ornaments, and so many plates.  Resisting the urge to buy it all was hard, and I ended up buying  the cutest Christmas cup.  Dancing elves and tiny snowflakes decorate its sides, but I think it was this super cute advertisement that sealed the deal.  When I left the store, my wallet may have been a little lighter but I had a wonderful red bag filled with precious presents to show for  it.  But, I'm a little scared I may be addicted.  After a full day of studying-I literally spent eight hours sitting in the same chair of Kimmel working on two paper-the only thing I wanted to do was eat a bowl of ice cream (even though it was 40º outside) and wander around Crate and Barrel.  Obviously, I knew their merchandise wouldn't have changed from yesterday, but I needed to see their bright and colorful decorations just the same.

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