Saturday, December 10, 2011

Soho Trees

Between the smell, the ornaments, and the presents underneath, most of us would agree a Christmas Tree is a staple for the holidays. But getting one in a big city like New York isn't an easy task.
 But as Ashley Thublin discovered, one company is making it a whole lot simpler. 
In fact, you don't even have to lift a finger.

Christmas Trees To-Go 
     It may not be the typical holiday tradition, but this year customers are able to place to-go orders for their Christmas trees.  
     Just like with Chinese take-out, Soho Trees offers a quick  and cheap delivery service for their busy customers.  
     "We offer a full service where as we'll actually pick out the tree for you right over the telephone," said Scott Lechner, Soho Trees Chief Operating Officers.  
     In a busy city like Manhattan, it's all about convenience.  Open 24/7 with 11 locations, they're willing to deliver at almost any time.  
    "We often deliver at unusual times like three o'clock int he morning in this crazy city of New York," Lechner said; "You get in touch and we'll get you a tree." 

Will it be right for you? 
     But will they pick out the right one for you?  Lechner says each tree is chosen with care.  They pick it out as if it were going in their home.  
     Whether you select it yourself or had your tree delivered, don't forget to ask for an extra inch to be cut off before you stick it in the stand.  And, give you tree about a gallon of water each day to make sure that fragrant evergreen scent lasts the whole month of December. 

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More Than Just Trees 
     But Soho Trees is more than just greenery.  They're a one-stop shop for all your holiday needs.  From blow-up snowmen to stockings, wooden-reindeer, and singing puppies, they've got it all.  
     "We offer a full array of products that aren't available in most Christmas tree stands," said Lechner. 
     Santa visits every Sunday, and they even have a team of decorators and light experts.  
     As for their prices, wreaths range from 40-55 dollars, while box ornaments cost about 10.  On average, a seven foot tree cost about $140.  For more information, visit their website, 

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