Wednesday, December 22, 2010

NYC's Best Holiday Offerings

Free of finals (just for today), I mindlessly wandered around New York City this morning.  Sure, I should have been studying for my Stats final-just 18 more hours until I'm free of math forever- but I knew if I didn't escape from my apartment and z-score table for at least a few hours, my brain was going to explode.  So, I put on my boots, a red coat, and monkey mittens and left for a few hours of NYC holiday bliss.  So here it is, a list of my 20 favorite Christmas suprises this city has to offer:

20) The Large Abundance of Decorated upside down Christmas Trees-Yes, I’m quite aware this sounds rather strange, but really I’ve probably seen about 10.  I’m not really sure if they're just super in this year or if its just a Village thing, but I’ve seen a lot of ‘em.   
The Famous Drink And Yes, in the
Background that is a Letter to Santa
19) The Potential for there to be a White Christmas-Although I’ll be in GA for Christmas, I still can’t get over the fact that in New York it snows.  Sure, I’ve lived here for over a year, but snow is still such a novelty.
18)Peppermint Mochas from Starbucks-Yes, I'm quite aware there are Starbucks in other parts of the 
country, but no where else can you find one on every street corner.  In fact, there's one directly across the street from my dorm on the corner of 23rd and 3rd.
17) The Strand Bookstore-So, I went there today to buy a few books for my plane ride home, and I can’t get over the size of that place.  Plus, everything’s super cheap, and the staff are super friendly and willing to answer any question you may have! 
16) The tree underneath the Washington Square Arch-I go to NYU, so I’m kinda required to say this.  
15) Christmas Lights on Apartment Balconies-Whenever I’m walking home and it’s dark outside (so basically anytime after 4pm) there are all sorts of twinkling Christmas lights dangling from balconies.  It’s so pretty and feels so homey.
14) The Insane Amount of Santa Hats-For a city that’s known for its superb fashion, I can’t quite figure out why so many of its residents are donning the red fury numbers, but hey I’m not complaining. 
Precious Pooch
13) Decorated Subway Stations-So I just noticed on my way back from Brooklyn that most subway station workers have decorated offices.  Nothing too fancy, just a string of lights and a little garland, but it sure did get me in the holiday mood.  

12) Everyone on the Street Singing Christmas songs-Literally, everyone is singing “I’ll Be Home for Christmas.” 
11)Dogs in Christmas Sweaters-It’s sad when puppies are wearing sweaters that are more expensive then my entire outfit; however, it’ certainly the case.  Of course I can’t be too upset.  They’re just so darn cute.  
10)Ridiculous Amount of Holiday-Themed shows on Broadway-Now, I’ve only see the classic Christmas Spectacular (FABULOUS) but each year the number keeps on rising.  The kids I babysit saw The Nutcracker and said it was beautiful.  
9) Santaland at Macy's-You get to see Santa...done!
8) NYU Movie Channel-This is random, yes I know.  But for the month of December the NYU Movie Channel had 6 Christmas flicks. 
7)The Tree in Rockefeller Center-It may be a tourist hotspot, but nothing can compare to this beautiful tree.  Skating at Rockefeller Center is nice too, but be prepared to drop a chunk of change if you plan to indulge in this winter activity.  Now if your just in the mode to take a spin on the ice and seeing the tree isn’t a priority, my suggestion would be to just go to Central Park or Bryant Park-they're less crowded and way cheaper. 
6)Christmas trees being sold on the Sidewalk (And it's only slightly sketch)-Instead of visiting a Farmer’s Market of Christmas Tree Farm, New Yorkers simply buy their trees off the streets.  
5)Rolf's German Restaurant-Located on 281 Third Avenue, it has some of the prettiest Christmas decoration I’ve seen in the City.  Now, I’ve never eaten there so I can’t really tell you about the food, but it sure does bring a smile to my face every morning when I’m walking to campus. 
4)Department Store Window Displays-Everyone always ohs and ahs over Lord and Taylor or Macy’s display.  And while yes I agree they’re cute, my personal favorite is always Bergdorf Goodman.  Chic and Classic-two words that always perfectly describe them.  
Hundreds of Ornaments Dangle from
the Ceiling of Gramercy Park
Flower Shop
Beautiful Window Display
of Gramercy Park Flower Shop 
3)Holiday Fair at Union Square-It’s the best place to find one-of-a-kind holiday gifts for your loved ones.  I frequently meander throw this market, browsing through the 100+ booths, each filled with crafty treasures.  
2) Gramercy Park Flower Shop-Absolutely Beautiful.  For all you Maconites out there, you’re probably wondering if it’s as nice as Lawrence Mayer. Well, it’s better-look at these pictures and tell me you don’t agree. 
1) Selling books back from this Semester- It means you’re officially done and you make a few bucks in the process.  Sure, NYU’s buyback rate isn’t great, but it’s enough to pay for a taxi to Laguardia and check a bag with Delta Airlines.  

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