Saturday, December 11, 2010

AUGC's Christmas Concert-The Real Reason for the Season

Last night, NYU’s All University Gospel Choir had their annual Christmas Concert.  Not only was the singing spectacular, but the message behind it was wonderful as well.  The lyrics behind “The Real Meaning of Christmas” sum up the night perfectly:  
Tell me what Christmas means to you,
how many gifts will you go through;
well it really doesn't matter 
if the gift is great or small,
without Christ, there's no Christmas at all.
The real meaning of Christmas ain't about mistletoe.
The real meaning of Christmas ain't about dashing through the snow.
The real meaning of Chirstmas ain't found in a toy.
The real meaning of Christmas is Mary's baby boy, 
is Mary's baby boy.

The evening began with a praise and worship piece.  From the very start, audience members knew this performance would be like nothing they’d ever seen before.  The 22 members that make up AUGC had only one purpose for the evening-To Spread the Good News of God’s Love Through Song.  My friend, Michelle,  and I originally went to the concert because our friend Tracy had a solo.  She of course was fabulous, and  really, I can’t think of a better way I could have spent my Friday night.  Plus, they had a scrumptious spread of food for intermission, and the purple robes they garnered were looking snazzy.  Overall, new friends were made and eyes were opened about the real reason of the season. If you ask me, the evening was definitely a success! 

AUGC’s next concert will be on April 1st...let the countdown begin!  

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