Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Billy Cosby Can’t Trump My Holiday Sweater

This past Saturday, I was invited to an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.  Gallons of eggnog and a rousing game of Settlers of Catan were promised...of course I had to attend.  Unfortunately, my closet completely lacks whimsical pieces like those frequently worn by my dad in the 1980s.  He’s bound and determined his wool pullovers will make a comeback, so his closet still houses quite a few.  However, a thousand miles separates me form his “rare treasures.” 
With Christmas quickly approaching, my limited college budget is even tighter than normal.  (I’m just so grateful Ramen Noodles are so darn cheap.)  So, the thought of spending $40+ for an outfit on a holiday-themed party just doesn’t seem reasonable.  
The Most Epic Holiday Sweater Ever
Thankfully, I live in New York City where amazing thrift stores are on every corner.  I made a trip to Housing Works Thrift Shop at 157 East 23rd Street and found the most epic sweater ever.  For only $15, I was able to own this ski-lodge inspired creation.  
Although the temperature maybe below freezing, its thick wool yarn and playful pattern keep me super warm in this frigid weather.  Originally, I just bought the sweater for the party; however, I’ve already caught myself wanting to wear it again and again.  
I’m sure my classmates are thinking “What in the world is that crazy Southerner wearing? Doesn’t she understand her sweater is hideous?” But its finals time, so please forgive me.  Plus, I actually think my big, comfy sweater is cute.  People of all ages are embracing the “make-it-yourself”attitude of the recession, and self-creativity is definitely on the rise. If you ask me, nothing beats a beautiful hand-knit scarf or sweater.  Would, it really be the biggest tragedy if I end up resembling Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable from The Cosby Show

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